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Individual courses

Studying Arabic in Morocco at LESSANE ARABI CENTER  in Marrakech offers the opportunity to rapidly learn the Arabic language and experience Arab and Moroccan culture.

Lessane’s academic calendar has been created to complement the schedules of American and European universities. However, we realise that neither the schedule nor intensity will suit everyone. In response to this, we offer private tuition for one or two students all year round. A private course can be matched exactly to your preferred speed, intensity, and professional needs.

If you decide to opt for a private course, keep the following in mind:

– private lessons may be held in the morning or in the afternoon, depending on the instructor’s availability

– content can follow one of our core programs or be customised

– you can take a private course individually or with a student partner

– students interested in private tuition should contact us directly

Individual class face to face .

Registration 28€

1 hour 15€
10 hours 130€
20 hours 200€
30 hours 290€
60 hours 570€

Dual class 25% reductions

The annual inscription is 280 Dirhams per person (approx. 25€). 25 € will be donated to our partner “Dar Bouidar – Les enfants de l’Atlas”.

Depending on the program you are following, additional fees may be applied for books and printings.

Also, we propose a “Study Abroad Package” which includes accomodation and airport transportation.

Please read our rules concerning individual/dual/skype classes here.

To apply for classes only, click here.

To apply for classes with the “Stay Abroad Package”, click here.

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