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Whether you are learning Arabic or not, our Center hosts various events which will allow you to learn more about Maghreb culture and Moroccan life. Our partnership with professors from the Cadi Ayyad University, among others, allows us to organise talks and workshops on subjects relevant to our Center. These events usually last 4 hours. Topics addresses include sociology, Islamic law, Arabic language etc. Our speakers, in addition to their mastery of their disciplines, have ample didactic experience, making their topics easily accessible.

Here are some of the subjects we address at our Center, always ensuring the speakers invited are true experts in their field:

Cultural exchange

This addresses the ongoing exchange between European, North American, and Maghreb cultures. Learn about the mechanisms of cultural interaction in the context of contemporary politics and society.

Sociology and the development of Moroccan society

Here we speak of the profound transformation of the Moroccan society during the past decade. The key themes include gender equality, the status of women, the educational system and religious freedom.

Political science

We address the five countries that comprise modern Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Mauritania). We will discuss security and stability, Arabisation of the region, and the status of ethnic and religious minorities within the context of international politics and diplomacy.

Islamic finances

Explore the recent topic of ‘Participative Finance’ and the introduction of Islamic banks to Morocco. A student of this course will acquire an understanding of basic economic concepts and a grasp of the principles of Islamic finances.


You can learn about the rich religious history of Morocco here – from Sufism and its influence on the Moroccan society to Sephardic judaism and its Impact on our history.


Various educational professionals will gladly exchange and share and compare their different didactic approaches during these courses. The education of young girls in rural areas, as well as of abandoned children, are some of the topics we will address. We can combine these talks with visits to places of interest, such as rural schools.

Please contact us for any additional information.