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We regularly organise cultural trips to various locations in the Old Medina of Marrakesh, where you can soak up the unique atmosphere in the company of your fellow students. We also go to places outside the city such as the picturesque Ourika Valley in the High Atlas or the laid-back coastal town of Essaouira


Cooking class in Marrakech

In our Center’s kitchen we provide short cooking courses, where you can cook a traditional Moroccan dish while learning Arabic! We will teach you to brew the traditional Moroccan mint tea and cook one of the famous Moroccan tangines (feel free to ask about your favourite!). In this unique, 2-in-1 class, you can learn both the secrets to preparing a good tagine and the vocabulary and phrases necessary to buy the relevant ingredients.

This course is open to our students and non-students alike. It will last approximately 4 hours and costs 360 MAD per person. We can accommodate 1-6 people.


We also run calligraphy workshops, where – regardless of your level of Arabic – you can try your hand at this traditional form of art while learning about the Arabic script.



If you are  a student and want to explore Marrakesh at your own pace, you can rent a bike from us (subject to availability).