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The annual inscription is 280 Dirhams per person (approx. 25€). 25 Dhs will be donated to our partner “Dar Bouidar – Les enfants de l’Atlas”.

Depending on the program you are following, additional fees may be applied for books and printings.

For individual classes as well as dual and online classes, the fees are hourly prices. But starting at 3 learners, it is possible to opt for one of our set offers:

12 hours in 3 weeks (= 4h /week) 1140MAD per person (approximatively 102€)
24 hours in 4 weeks (= 6h /week) 2280MAD per person (approximatively 205€)

Apart from the set offers, the fee is fixed at 8.5€ per person per hour.

Also, we propose a “Study Abroad Package” which includes accommodation and airport transportation.

Students may register for a minimum of 3 weeks and up to  48 weeks.


We separate our Darija tuition into three levels:

Beginner: approximately 80 hours to complete

Intermediate: approximately 80 hours to complete

Advanced: approximately 80 hours to complete.


Darija courses run all year long, with no set schedule. Contact us for more information.

MCA courses can be taken in conjunction with MSA courses at Lessane Arabi Center, but it is important for students to approach the two courses as two separate languages, so as not to interfere with the correct understanding of either language.

Please read our rules concerning group courses here.

To apply for classes only, click here.

To apply for classes with the “Study Abroad Package”, click here.